What the Artisis are saying

"IF YOU MISSED THE SARASOTA CRAFT FAIR 2013 then you missed one of the BEST as a customer or participating artist!
Excellent location...great advertising/promotional work....excellent artist accommodations inside (booth, etc)...great teamwork in facilitatingthe set up for the art show....very well organized... We had an AWESOME art show at the Sarasota Craft Fair 2013! As a participating artist whose media is WOOD,more specifically, three-legged wood sculpted art chairs, we "SOLD OUT" basically...only taking home 2 piecesof our inventory out of 14 chairs and 3 tables. This was our "BEST" show this year!
Congratulations to Richard
We were amazed -- the attendance was tremendous!
Thanks to Richard for his commitment and helpfulness to each artist and to Joanna for her "sunny" disposition right in the midst of the myriad of details that are present in an endeavor such as this one."

Al (artist) and Ada Zimmerman (assistant)

"Dear Richard,

We want to thank you for putting up the Sarasota Show. It has always been one of our good shows and we did have our concerns when we realized that it was cancelled. To be perfectly candid, we also had our concerns on what was going to happen next. To our satisfaction, the show went on just fine. The setup and break down was very smooth and easy, the layout and number of participating artist was perfect, the electricity was flowing with no problems and the overall handling of the show was excellent. Richard worked very hard to make all the artist feel very welcomed and was careful about the details to give us the level of comfort that we all look for in every show. The attendance was good and can only get better from here. We had one of our best shows of the year and the three days went by without a glitch.

Thank you Richard for keeping this venue open and for making sure that the level of craftsmanship and artistry stays at a very high level. We look forward to the 2010 Show in Sarasota." Again, thank you for a great show and for all your hard work."

Jack & Evelyn

"Richard & Joanna, You'll like this comment found on my blog this morning:

I have to add that Richard Rothbard is an outstanding guy! I had the privilege to sign up for a new AAM show last year that didn't gain the momentum needed to be a success. Instead of going ahead with a marginal show, he assessed the situation, decided it was better to wait for a stronger economy, and refunded each and every artist the full booth fee - including upgrades! I repeat, he refunded everything with a letter explaining why he made that difficult choice.

I'm impressed with this man, and think that his actions speak highly of character. No telling what kind of success waits for those who have this level of integrity."

~Jeni B
Constance Mettler Publisher

"I have worked with Richard and Joanna on their shows and galleries for almost 30 years. Exhibitors are always assured of exemplary work , top notch planning and targeted marketing. Richard is The gutsiest promoter out there and knows how to find the best opportunities."

Mimi Hay

"Richard Rothbard has been in the fine craft industry as an artist, gallery owner, and organizer of fine art and craft shows for over 30 years. I have worked with Richard in every aspect of his career and found him to be a straight shooter and a fantastic promoter. Richard listens to artist comments and tries to make every show work for the public and the art community. The new Sarasota show that Richard is planning has a solid background from the ACC history and should be a winner right from the beginning."

Pat & Lori O'Neil

"I have known Richard Rothbard for nearly 30 years, since the alternative show he created across from the old ACC show in Rhinebeck. I have exhibited at many of his shows which I found to be well organized, well marketed, and well managed in every way, and these were usually very profitable for me. I have also been well represented in three of his Contemporary Craft Galleries. I know of no other craft artist who can effectively manage a significant studio, promote, organize and manage several retail shows and several galleries all without losing a breath. Richard is undoubtedably the most effective and productive person in the crafts field that I know. I whole heartedly support his efforts to continue on where the ACC has left off with Sarasota and Charlotte if he chooses to do so. I have no hesitation to sign up for both of these shows, as I know he will continue to nurture and grow them to the best of his ability in the years ahead. While many others in the crafts field continue to cut back and sing the blues, Richard moves forward with great new ideas, energy, enthusiasm, and unparalleled experience."

Jan Mayer Kriska

"I'm so happy you've picked this show up - Thank You!! I know it will be GOOD"


"My name is Robin Bowman, and I am a textile artist living in Sarasota, Florida. Thank you for your invitation to exhibit/sell my fiber art at the upcoming show in December of 2009 in Sarasota. I am an ACC artist, and was extremely disappointed that the show of theirs was canceled for this year - this is my target market, and I had a GREAT show here last year!!"

"Hi, Richard, I know you have been killing yourself working the phones, but I wanted you to know that I do appreciate hearing from you personally. It does make a difference. I will be sending in my app for Sarasota tomorrow or Monday. Thanks for the personal touch and the optimism to jump in on this show. We all need a little more of that!" Warm regards, Sally Ryan

"Hi Richard, this is the best news we have heard, we live in florida so thanks, we have many patrons, a great mailing list over 300 or more names of buying patrons, not just lookers, we would be willing to share our list with you and we have done sarasota for 12 years."
Alexa Smarsh

"Hi Richard, Please let me know if the dates will be the same. Glad to hear you are taking the show. It was always good for me. Perfect. Count me in. Let me know what you will need. Thanks."
Cathryn Nowicki

"Dear Richard,

I am so jazzed to have you stepping up to the plate and taking over the Sarasota show. I will support you in every possible way. I have a group of artists with several thousand people on our mailing lists. If at all possible, I suggest you stick to the ACC format. It worked for the artists and the collectors. Sarasota is the most artistic community in all of Florida. You might consider an association with the Ringling Museum.

The other issue is sticking to fine craft. There are way too many art shows in Florida with 2D art. Patrons were always happy to view fine craft and not paintings, photography and flat art. Sculpture is good, but stick to the fine craft look.

Tony, is a sub-contractor with ACC. He lays out the shows, sets up all the infrastructure and knows the ropes. He lives in CT and is a great guy. He might be a terrific asset to you in Sarasota. Be sure to contact Josh Chaikin at Art in Motion, as he brings lots of artists down from the Northeast. Let me know if I can help. I have my condo rented from last year and can help you with some preliminary legwork, if you need help. As a community of artists, businesspeople and promoters, we can make this a premier show in Sarasota.Congratulations and many thanks to you and yours...Let me know how to apply...

I definitely want to do this show. I assume you will use the same facility as ACC."
Michael Mode

"Hi Richard, I'm glad that you have picked up the Sarasota show. I was saddened that the ACC decided to drop it. But, it sounds like a great opportunity for you, and us as artists. Sincerely"

"Love the idea of keeping these shows alive. We will apply to both if Charlotte is saved as well. Thanks"
Dennis Ray

"I will do the Sarasota show, where I have a lot of customers whom I otherwise would never see. Keep me on the list. Thanks"
Lynn Yarrington

"Count us in if you are taking this over! We have done ACC Sarasota for years and count on it. I will be happy to help beat the bushes. MANY exhibitors were stunned when cancelled. Please give me a call when you can to discuss! Cheers,"
Skip & Joan

"I'm interested, I was already thinking how I was going to do my own show. I was already juried in to the ACC show are you honoring that? Also I hope it contiues indoors. Thanks"

"you are on................we will be there.........keep us posted.............dave"
David Levy Hardwood Creations

"This is good news. I am wondering, however: I was accepted into the ACC Sarasota show 2009, am I automatically invited into your show? I have been doing the Sarasota show since its inception and it would be sad to not be able to do it again. Thank you."
Elisabeth Maurland

"I've done the show two years with success, I'm interested"
Andrew Madvin, Axiom Glass

"Thank you. I am looking forward to more information about the show." Krys Lieffers Turtle Island Fibers

"I would exhibit again if the booth fees were reduced a lot. I could have a 10x10 corner booth and I knew that the marketing effort, time and monies were increased to drive more traffic. I would also like to speak to some of the other fiber artists that do your shows so that I could make a better informed decision before traveling from the west coast. Thanks"
Mary Sly

"Congratulations Richard and Joanne on your new endevor. We look forward to exhibiting in your new show and not skipping a beat in Sarasota. I know with your many years of experience and wisdom along with the energy you bring to the Craft community we will all be enjoying and participating in a great quality,well run show."
Sincerely Robert Zarcone